Remotes IRC Client

Remotes IRC Client - v0.26 WIP

To install, simply paste this script into your remotes. Remotes by takes IRC and serverless internet application development to a new level.

The IRC client was built inside of Remotes as our flagship example and is the most customizable IRC client on the internet today!

const Console = require("lib/Console");
const $ = new (require("lib/IRC"))();
const Client = (require("lib/Client"))(Console,$);

The IRC Client written in Remotes runs inside Remotes.

You can hide the channel list by swiping it away (and back).

You can also hide the nick list the same way.

Want to edit the client? Minimize and code!

Need to chat and edit code? Resize it!

Remotes is mobile friendly!

The @status window also serves as a personal notes area!

Changes from 0.25:
- Just made it look better.

Changes from 0.24:
- Colors
- Bold

Changes from 0.22:
- Nicklist is alphabetical.
- Chanlist is alphabetical.

Changes from 0.22:
- Adds up and down arrows to get previous text

Changes from 0.20:
- Minor bug fixes
- Status window is a note bank
- /clear removes the log and buffer associated with the current window.

Changes from 0.04:
- Now uses appWindow
- Object oriented/classes for maintainability
- Fixes bugs

Changes from 0.03:
- Paste multi line (ascii art)
- Minor fixes

Changes from 0.02:
- History up to 1000 lines

Changes from 0.01:
- Resizable windows
- Bold and colors (ctrl+s and ctrl+K)
- Minimize/Maximize
- Hide/Show Nick and Chan list
- General bug fixes, usable state