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nodeJS and the Browser, all in one, in the cloud!

Remotes blends serverless and clientside application development and deployment, making it seamless and easy.

Write and run code in your remotes. It's a totally new kind of OS!

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Our flagship code, an IRC Client, was completely written in Remotes!

All of the above apps are running in the browser.

Automate Your Life

Plugin to APIs like twitter, Coincap, or Instagram and many others and make Remotes your central command.

Create Custom Tools

Build complex architectures with relational databases using sqlite3 or become a bot and provide services to your community.

Learn to Code

There's no easier way to learn how to code with JavaScript than to use IRC Remotes and get immediate feedback both in console and live on IRC!

Moderate your Channel

Big channels can be hard to moderate. With IRC Remotes, you can script functionality to make it easy!

Non IRC Apps

Don't need IRC bot access? You can build a bot, or any kind of system, for any kind of service or standalone!

Do Anything

With Remotes by, you can do anything. The world is at your fingertips, literally.

An event is triggered on IRC.

The Remotes console displays console.log output in the browser's console.

You can send messages to and from the web browser console/remotes!

You can even chat on IRC through the console/remotes interface!

This is what it looks like in an IRC client.

Or design your entire experience yourself!

Or an entire IRC client.

Remotes can do anything.

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<Guest531493> Coding has never been easier.

<kan**n*> sickkkk

<nirvana> finally, some next level shit.